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Solar Oman - AMGE

Painting Oman Green

Over the years, SolarOman has become the most trusted supplier & Installer for Renewable Energy System in Muscat area and beyond. Our business began in 2011 by Shibi Chandran, whose passion for Renewable Energy led him to take a leap into this industry. Today, Solar Oman Co ( AMGE ) is one of the top Design Supply & Installation Company in the Sultanate Of Oman, offering quality products as well as a variety of green Consulting & Contracting services at the most competitive prices in the market. We also offer our services to UAE and neighbouring GCC states and Indian Subcontinent & Africa.


Solar Energy Equipments - Complete Solution

Residential,Commercial,Large Scale Solar Power And Water Heating 

Solar Panel - Mono,Poly,Bifacial Solar Inverter - Offgrid/Ongrid/Hybrid # Solar Charge Controller - 10amp, 24,48,60,110 and More # Solar Battery - Lead Acid ( AGM,GEL) , Lithium ion, LFP, NiCd # Solar Energy Meters - Bi-directional # Solar DC / AC Disconnects # Solar Cables & MC4 Accessories # Solar Mounting Systems & Fixings # Solar Panel Cleaning System # Solar Carport Car Parking Structure # Solar Remote Monitoring Systems # Solar Water Heaters & Calorifiers # Solar Traffic Lights # Solar Security Camera # Solar Powered Air Conditioners # Solar Lightning Protection system # Solar Tracking System # Solar Mosque Sound and Addressing Systems # Solar Artificial Intelligence & Robotics # Solar Water Pumps # Solar Swimming Pool Heating System and More..


Luxtella Europe - Solar & LED Street Lights

Replaying the Sun at Night 

Luxtella Are Pioneers in the Manufacturing of LED light fixtures and Hi-tech & Highly efficient Solar Street Lighting Systems. They Manufacture Solar Street Lights from 50W to 200W and LED lights from 30W to 400 W from their European Factories .The solar street lighting system integrates various efficient lightning control and energy management system, thereby making it the first choice of any energy and quality conscious customer. 


Newmax Korea - Solar Batteries

Batteries Made To Perform 

Newmax Solar batteries Manufactured in South Korea is a very reliable and highly efficient Solar battery manufacturer.AMGE & Newmax Korea is commited to provide its client , the best performing ,deep cycle batteries , which is the heart of any Offgrid solar power system.


Morningstar Inc USA

Leading the World in Solar Charge Controllers

Morningstar Inc USA is a world leaders in Mid size Solar Charge Controllers and Inverters. Morning star Charge Controllers reign the world of Offgrid Solar Powering.


REC Solar Panels - Most Efficient Solar Panel in the World

Most Trusted Solar Panel in The World

REC GmbH Norway , is the World's most Efficient Solar Panel Manufacturing Firm, attaining upto 22% efficiency. They manufacture Twin Peak, Bifacial , Mono and Poly crystalline Highly Efficient Solar Panels in the World.


Abu Malak Global Enterprise

We Take the Green Out of Everything and Develop 

This is a highly reliable brand that we have been working with since 2011, the year Solar Oman Co ( AMGE ) was founded. They have a great collection of supplies, Solar water Heater, Solar Street Lights,Solar Traffic and Road Sign,Solar Security Camera etc


Maltezos SA Greece - Solar Water Heaters

We warmly welcome the Sun

Maltezos SA is one of the oldest and most reputed Solar water and Thermal heating company from Greece. The Solar waters are With solar keymark and highest energy ratings.Maltezos manufactures Thermosiphonic, Forced Circulation and Calorifier Solar water Heating Systems. Their Solar water heating system is widely used for hot water generation in Residential,commercial and Large scale hot water requirement projects. AMGE Oman is their reliable partner in Oman & UAE


Fronius Austria - Solar Inverters

High Quality European made - Offgrid/Offgrid/Hybrid Solar Inverter

Fronius Solar Inverters are Manufactured and assembled in Europe - Austria.They have a complete range of Offgrid/Ongrid/Hybrid inverts in Single Phase and Three Phase Categories.Fronius are world leaders in Solar Inverter Industry.Solar Oman AMGE is proud to be associated with Fronius to provide our clients the best inverters available in the planet .


Schirtec AG Austria - Lightning Protection System

Created For Your Safety 

Schirtec AG is one of the leading Manufacturer in the world for Lightning Protection System,Grounding & Surge Protection System .Schirtec Manufacturers ESE air terminals which provides highest level of protection against deadly lightning strikes posing threat to valuable assets and human or animal lives.The ESE system is ideal for all types of projects, Viz Residential,Commercial,Solar plants,Power plants,Warehouses,Factories,Historical monuments etc. AMGE along with Schirtec Provide Detailed design based on protection calculation softwares and provide supply and installation of lightning protection system , with a professional approach.

Who We Are

A True Passion For Green

AMGE - Solar Energy Equipments & Lightning Protection System Solution Provider operating in Oman ,UAE, India & Africa.We are based in Oman with offices in Dubai, Kerala and Africa.AMGE provides Complete Design ,Supply ,Installation Support for Residential, Commercial, Govt/Semi govt & Large Private Clients or Developers. The Company was established in Oman in 2009 with a vision to become one of the largest renewable energy system solution provider in GCC by 2025.The company is spearheaded by its founder and CEO Mr. Shibi Chandran who has immense passion for green energy solutions.AMGE was awarded as the most innovative solar street lighting company by Solar middle East and GAIA association, in the UAE,  during the period 2014 - 2016. The company is strongly commited to print a green mark on the Planet , where it operates from and beyond .



Professional, fast, and reliable. Contact us with any type of questions you may have about Solar Power or Water Heating System  and Lightning Protection System, Lightning protection , Robotics  We are open S-T: 8am-8pm, but you can reach us by email at any time and we will get back to you promptly.

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