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  • The module temperature sensor is used by PV plant operators to know the temperature of the modules installed in the array.
  • The module temperature sensor converts this reading into a voltage signal.
  • This signal is sent back to the monitoring device.
  • As the system operator it’s important to know the systems’ performance.
  • The module temperature sensor will help to enhance kWh performance by ensuring reliable access to the all necessary data.


  • Fast, Stable and accurate
  • IP65 enclosure Excellent long term stability
  • Onsite two point calibration
  • Loop powered Calibration
  • If using Modbus sensor then the PV Module Temperature Sensor is factory calibrated.
  • If using analog output senor then use the following info to calibrate:
  • Output – 0 to 5 VDC (-40 to 100 deg C)
  • If the cable length is insufficient for the installation, additional cable can be added to the existing cable. If this is done, an accuracy de-rating factor must be added to the overall temperature accuracy of this sensor.


  • 4-6 Weeks From Date of Order Confirmation

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