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The Tenmars TM-206 is a simple point and shoot solar power (irradiance) meter, which is ideal for solar panel installers, and contractors. The operator can select between W/m2 and BTU/(ft2*h). The TM-206 is suitable for determining the optimum angle of solar panels when setting them up to gain the maximum amount of solar radiation. Apart from installers, the Tenmars TM-206 is suitable for other industries and applications where solar radiation needs to be measured. It is a very easy instrument to operate, as the user simply turns on the meter, points the sensor and takes the masurement.

The TM-206 is supplied complete in a compact carry pouch with calibration certificate, battery and user manual.


  • Point and shoot solar irradiance measurements
  • Easy to read LCD digital display
  • User selectable measurement units
  • Auto Ranging
  • Take irradiance measurements easily for solar panel placement
  • Measures up to 2,000W/m2 (634BTU/(ft2*h)
  • Maximum and minumum readings
  • Data hold function
  • Low battery indication
  • Calibration certificate
  • Low cost and high precision (excellent performance to cost ratio)

Solar PV Irradiance Tester Meter - Tenmars TM-206

  • 4 - 6 Weeks from Date of Confirmed Order

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