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Dimensions Length [mm] 4571 ±2 Width [mm] 411 ±1 Thickness of module without backside adhesive with backside adhesive [mm] 1.5 ± 0.2 2.2 ± 0.2 Thickness at J-Box [mm] 20 ± 1 Weight without backside adhesive with backside adhesive [Kg] 3.6 5.3 Electrical characteristics at STC1 165W Model number Nominal power Pmpp [W] 165 Tolerance* [%] -10/ +10 Voltage at nom. power Vmpp [V] 35.1 Current at nom. power Impp [A] 4.71 Open circuit voltage Voc [V] 49.0 Short circuit current Isc [A] 5.18 Max. system voltage IEC [V] 1000 Max. serial fuse rating I [A] 10 *Average power over all modules shipped to any customer shall be 165W or above. Modules will be sorted into boxes of 5W/10W increments depending on the project size. Thermal Characteristics Temperature coefficient Voc [%/°C] -0.30 Temperature coefficient Isc [%/°C] 0.01 Temperature coefficient Pmpp [%/°C] -0.35 Operating Conditions Temperature range [°C] -40 to +85 Max. mechanical load 2 2400 Pa, 245 kg/m2 Additional Information Cell type Flexible CIGS on Polyimide Junction box Front side including bypass diode, IP68 for box, MC4 type connectors, 400mm long stranded wire 2.5 mm2 Encapsulation Fluoropolymer front sheet / plastic back sheet Customization Possible on request Packaging Shipped rolled on Euro pallets in boxes of 6 pcs without backside adhesive or 3 pcs with backside adhesive – max. 72/ 36 per pallet Warranty & Certification Performance guarantee 10 years on 90% of Pmpp under STC1 & 20 year on 80% of Pmpp under STC1 Warranty 5 years’ workmanship after delivery date Certification IEC 61215:2016 testing underway; IEC 61730:2016 testing underway; Safety class II Notes 1 STC: 1000 W/m2, AM1.5G, 25°C, stabilized module state. We continuously develop our products. Electrical and physical properties are subject to change without prior notice. 2 Higher load ratings can be met with additional support, subject to testing.


  • 4 - 6 Weeks from Date of Order Confirmation


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