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This professional level pure water cleaning system is our entry-level RO/DI kit designed for residential properties and low rise buildings. This kit is great for those looking for an entry level 3 stage system and carbon fiber pole. Tucker Water Fed Pole’s are the oldest and most trusted brand worldwide.


Each Tucker RIVAL 3-Stage Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning Kit comes standard with the following:

  • Tucker® Bravo pole (100’  Pole Tubing included)
  • Tucker®️ Alpha Phantom XL Brush
  • Tucker®️ Alpha Scrubber XL
  • Rival Hand Carry Hose Reel With 100' Premium water hose
  • 3-Stage Pure Water Filter System – RIVAL CART


Tucker®️ Bravo Water Fed Pole

Lightweight composite pole allowing operators to clean for longer periods with less fatigue.  

67" collapsed - 22.6 foot extended for a 27' reach.


Tucker®️ Phantom Alpha Water Fed Brush

This brush provides an aggressive scrubbing actions on dirty solar panels.  The outside of the brush is fixed with long Boar bristle's allowing the natural fibers to lay down on the glass, while the shorter nylon bristles on the inner brush provide an easy glide across the surface.  This brush comes with 4 pencil jets, keeping the rinse water in powerful streams to blast away dirt and keeping a steady stream of clean water.  Alternatively, this brush also comes with a swiveling gooseneck and our unique over-the-top rinse bar.


Tucker®️ Alpha Scrubber

This is the ultimate commercial grade polyester scrubbing pad for jobs requiring heavy cleaning to remove dried, caked on dirt and grime from any panel. The Alpha Scrubber is unique in that it does not have traditional brush bristles and uses a thick scrubbing pad that traps dirt particles and pulls them away from the glass.  The over the top rinse bar pours a cascade of water over the top of the brush allowing the water to fan over the glass and quickly rinse any debris from the cleaning area.


Rival RO/DI Cart

The RO & Deionization filter system starts with a carbon pre-filter for removing chlorine and water treatment chemicals. Afterwards it moves into a low-pressure RO membrane. This RO membrane produces more water than any other membrane on the market. After passing through the RO filter, water flows into a refillable deionization filter for a final polish, producing ultra-pure water. The RO/DI Filter Kit also includes filter housing wrenches, replacement O-rings, and a TDS water quality meter.

The mobile cart comes with large no flat wheels, keeping it easy to move no-matter the terrain.


Rival Hand Carry Hose Reel W/ 100’ Hose

The hand carry hose reel is made from a lightweight aluminum frame with a reel mounted to it with 100’ of a 3/8” commercial hose line that includes 3/4” brass garden hose inlet and outlet fittings.


  • 6 - 8 Weeks From Date Of order Confirmation

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