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Sunny Highpower Peak3; is the central component of the SMA solution for PV power plants with a decentralized architecture and system voltages of 1500 V DC. This compact string inverter enables cost-optimized solutions for industrial PV applications thanks to its high power density. It also provides a simple way of transport and allows for quick installation and commissioning. This string inverter with 100 kW of power is equipped with the automatic SMA Smart Connected service for proactive servicing that facilitates operation and maintenance and reduces service costs throughout the entire project lifetime; High power density with 100 kW thanks to its compact structure; Max. yield due to possible DC/AC ratio of up to 150%; Superior PV system availability with 100 kW units; Innovative digital features aligned with the energy management platform ennexOS; For DC input voltages up to 1000 V; Flexible DC solutions with customer-specific PV array junction boxes; Ergonomic handling and simple connection for quick installation; Centralized commissioning and control of the PV power plant via SMA Data Manager.

Techincal Data

Input (DC)
Max. PV array power 150000 Wp
Max. input voltage  1000 V
MPP voltage range / rated input voltage  590 V to 1000 V / 590 V
Max. input current / max. short-circuit current  180 A / 325 A
Number of independent MPP trackers 1
Number of inputs 1 or 2 (optional) for external PV array junction boxes

Output (AC)
Rated power at nominal voltage 100000 W
Max. apparent power  100000 VA
Nominal AC voltage / AC voltage range  400 V / 304 V to 477 V
AC grid frequency / range 50 Hz / 44 Hz to 55 Hz
60 Hz / 54 Hz to 66 Hz
Rated grid frequency  50 Hz
Max. output current  151 A
Power factor at rated power / displacement power factor adjustable 1 / 0 overexcited to 0 underexcited
Harmonic (THD) < 3% 
Feed-in phases / AC connection  3 / 3-PE

Max. efficiency / European efficiency 98.8% / 98.6%

SMA Sunny Highpower Peak 3 - 100kW



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