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RECTIFIER - 150 Amp 3-Phase Rectifier Center


Works With 12 Volt To 400 Volt Systems

This unit will handle a massive amount of power. Perfect for medium to large residential turbines and generators.

Rectifier Features:

  • Drip shield top and smooth, seamless sides and front
  • Three knockouts on bottom
  • Slip-on reversible cover is securely fastened with screws located along bottom edge
  • No gasketing is required
  • Hasp for padlocking or meter seal is provided
  • ANSI-61 gray polyester powder inside and out over phosphatized surfaces over carbon steel
  • Pre-galvanized finish with phosphatized surface

This AC to DC, three phase rectifier uses six 70 amp, 400 volt stud diodes press mounted into aluminum plates. The aluminum plates are fully embedded in a electrically non-conductive epoxy/mortar. This mortar allows for even heat distribution to the box itself to allow for proper cooling at high amps. A high temperature epoxy is then used to encase the entire assembly of aluminum and mortar and bond it securely to the Wiegmann enclosure.

Not shown are the nuts and washers included for wire termination. The Wiegmann Nema 3R screw enclosure measures 6" wide, by 6" high, by 4" deep. It has 3 knockouts on the bottom for easy access. The unit also features a lockable cover.

The rectifier is capable of running at 75 amps continuous and 150 amps surge at nearly any voltage a wind turbine might produce. A 48v wind turbine will probably produce around 75 volts with a strong to moderate wind. This rectifier at 75 amps would allow more than 5,625 watts of power at 75 volts. The rectifier itself uses 6 diodes rated at 70 amps each. Theoretically, it could handle even more than 150 amps but cooling must be taken into account and is actually the limiting factor.

AC power is terminated to the 3 screws in the middle. Outgoing DC is provided on the two screws on each side. Brackets with 1/4" holes are located on both top and bottom for easy mounting.

RECTIFIER - 150 Amp 3-Phase Rectifier Center

  • 4 - 6 Weeks From Order Confirmation Date

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