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Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp Tool

This simple, inexpensive crimping tool can be used to crimp connectors, lugs, terminals, splicers, on #8 (3.264 mm, 8.37 mm2) through #4/0 AWG (11.684 mm, 107 mm2) wire. Spring loaded pin locks in up position for loading connector and cable. When released, the pin holds the connector securely during crimping. Use with a hammer or vice.

Though not quite as easy as the professional production crimpers for large lugs, this crimper is also about $300 cheaper.

8 AWG - 4/0 Crimp Tool - use with hammer or vise. Use this crimp tool to make professional connections using our wind turbine cable and terminals. Use with all crimp terminal lugs, including heavy cast lugs.


  • Lugs and splicers are secured by spring tension during installation
  • Capable of using on a full variety of lugs and splicers
  • Wide base for stability while swedging
  • Provides 1400-1800 pounds pull-out resistance
  • Easy to read scale for proper swedging or just hammer until the crimp feels solid, usually 1 to 2 strikes.

CRIMPING TOOL HAMMER - Lug Terminal Hammer Crimp Tool

  • 4 - 6 Weeks From Order Confirmation Date

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