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Solar Power System


AMGE - Provides Solar power Consultancy Service For Residential , commercial , Large scale Projects , Starting from , site visits, Design , Local approvals, Supply, Installation,Testing & Commissioning, Connection, After Sales Followups, Annual maintenance. AMGE has valuable experience in Offgrid, Ongrid, Hybrid Systems.

Solar Panel Repair

Electric Vehicle Charging Station & Solutions

Electric Vehicles is On the road now..

We provide Complete Turnkey solution for Electric Vehicle Charging from Charging Stations,E mobility services , Solar and DC power backups, Recharge options, Billing,Customer and client Supports.


Solar heating & Cooling

Sun is hotter than you think ...

AMGE provides Complete Design , Supply, Installation of Solar water heating systems for residential,Commercial projects,from Villa projects,Hotels,dairy farms,Colleges,hospitals etc.We design both Thermosiphonic and forced circulation systems ranging from 100 litres to above 10,000 litres.


Lightning Protection System - ESE

Created  for your safety...

We provide Complete Design , Supply , Installation , Testing and Commissioning , annual maintenance service for all types of complex projects .AMGE has executed more than 200 projects in Oman & UAE using ESE & Conventional Lightning protection, Earthing & surge protection Solutions.We provide detailed. Design based on BS , NFC 17 102 , Other relevant local standards .


Solar Water & Irrigation Pumping System

We have a solid liquid solution 

AMGE provides customsied Solar Water Pumping System for Agriculture , Farms , Irrigation , Landscaping , Water Pumping and Storage Purposes We provide Solar power System and all types of Pump.AMGE provides Supply and installation Support in Oman and UAE 


Robotic Solutions & Artificial intelligence

We make Robots Behave

AMGE is venturing in the Artificial Intelligence Business with a varid range of Robots and AI systems that will assist in Various walks of human life. Our AI and robotics can be applied to any segment of the industry from manufacturing , cleaning ,medical , Monitoring, defence and others 
Presently we are having Robots that can assist in COVID disinfectation services and enable to protect human from exposure to such harmful Germs . 


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