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Solar Panels

Highest Efficiency , Suited for High Temp & Dusty Environment 

Mono / Poly / Twin Peak / Bifacial solar panels from reputed European and other Manufacturers REC/Trina/Kyocera/Canadian/Jinko/BYD & Others

Solar Inverters - Offgrid / Hybrid / On Grid

Feel the Power

Fronius Austria Residential and Commercial Solar Inverters for Off grid, Hybrid & On grid application , Single and 3 Phase , capacity from 3.0 Kilowatt to 22 Kilowatt DC/AC

Solar Charge Controller

Trusty & Reliable

Morningstar Inc USA  MPPT & PWM charge controller for Offgrid installation , Ranging from 10 amp To 68 amp , With Digital Display.dusk to dawn operation etc.

Solar Battery & Battery Bank - 12V ,24V,48V,

Precise Performance

Solar Battery - Lead Acid ( AGM,GEL) , Lithium Ion, LFP, NiCd 12 V and Above for Battery Banks 

Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Feel the Power

Aluminium , GI , SS solar panel Mounting structure and Solar tracking System.

Solar Carparking Structure carport

Trusty & Reliable

Solar Carport With Electric Vehicle Station.Complete Solar Panel Mounting for Carparking and Related foundations , beams & angles , with fixings 

Solar Street Lights

Precise Performance

Solar Street Lights with Pole Mounted and Pole wrapped Solar panel , with Lead acid , AGM or Lithium Ion or LFP battery backup and LED fixtures .Street Poles GI with Single arm or Double arms, 3 - 20 mtrs height.Intelligent Light management controls and Remote Monitoring options available.Made in Europe , China , Oman , UAE

Solar Water Heater & Calorifiers

Feel the Power

Solar water heater and Calorifiers , Using Thermosiphonic or Forced circulation system.Solar Water heater capacity 100,200,300 litres Solar Calorifiers capacity 1000 , 2000 , 5000 Litres 

Lightning protection system - ESE Type

Schirtec AG - Created For your Safety 

ESE ( Early Streamer Emission ) Lightning protection system ,manufactured by Schirtec AG Austria. AMGE had installed Schirtec LPS in more than 150 projects in Oman since 2011.

Solar Water & Irrigation System

Here Water and Power goes hand in hand 

AMGE offers a complete range of solar powered watering pumping and irrigation system for agriculture and other purposes 

Solar Air-conditioning System

This Time the Sun is Really Cool

AMGE supplies Solar powered Air-conditioning Units which works on 48 Volt DC and can be Save electricity .AMGE also promote Hybrid Air-conditioning Systems that can work on Part Solar and Part by Electricity or Heat Transfer Technology 


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