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The perfect solar powered solution for your outdoor festive decorations.
German made, these rope lights are designed specifically to work outside in our British Climate.
Battery operated (and recharged by the solar panel each day), a day of light cloud will mean the rope lights can sparkle for up to 5 hours at night. 

Designed to be used straight from the box, you may fit these solar powered rope lights anywhere (well almost). 

Here's the list of features:

  • 2.5m long LED rope light with 40 red LEDs.
  • Waterproof solar panel.
  • Waterproof battery box.
  • Turns on automatically at night & off at dawn.
  • No switches and no settings.
  • No need for a power point.
  • Battery included

Please note, to get the best from these rope lights, the solar panel should be positioned so it is not overshadowed and it should be south facing if possible. 

If stored for a long time, we recommend you allow a couple of days of sunshine (for the battery to gain a charge) before you can expect to see the lights working at their best.


  • 3 - 4 Weeks from Date of Confirmed Order

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