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The Benning PV3 Photovoltaic Tester can be used within the framework of commissioning tests and periodic inspection of grid-connected photovoltaic systems in compliance with DIN EN 62446 (VDE 0126-23), polarity tests as well as open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current measurements of PV strings connected in parallel can be carried out, stored and documented safely and efficiently up to 1500 V/40 A.

With radio connection to the optional BENNING SUN 2, the existing radiation conditions (W/m²) as well as the PV module temperature and ambient temperature (°C) are automatically stored for each test procedure.


  • Automatic test procedure (+/-, Vo/c, Is/c, W/m2, °C) with reverse polarity protection
  • Powerful short-circuit current measurement, reserve is up to 4 x larger than for conventional PV testers with 10 A limitation
  • Reduced testing times and effort for disassembly, as the individual PV strings no longer have to be separated and tested one after the other
  • Reduces the risk of failure due to overload during testing of PV strings of unknown power
  • Integrated memory of measured values for 999 PV string/ PV fields
  • Real-time clock with date/time stamp per measurement
  • USB interface and download software (CSV format)
  • Large LCD display with illumination
  • Optimum transport and storage protection (IP 64)


Measuring Functions:

  • Polarity test of the PV generator/ PV cabling
  • Open-circuit voltage measurement for modern 1500 V DC systems
  • Short-circuit current measurement at PV strings up to 40 A DC
  • Insolation measurement (W/m2) and PV module temperature and ambient temperature (°C) by means of BENNING SUN 2 (optional item)


Scope of Delivery:

PV3 tester in robust protective case (IP 64 rated), set of PV measuring leads (MC4), set of measuring leads with probe tip and alligator clips, charger with 3 pieces 3.7 V lithium-ion batteries and calibration certificate.


  • 4 - 6 Weeks from Date of Confirmed Order

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