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Before commissioning and for periodic inspections, a photovoltaic system must be tested and documented with regard to its perfectly safe technical condition in compliance with DIN EN 62446 (VDE 0126-23). Also, electrical measurements are useful after cleaning and maintenance work in order to continue to ensure an optimum and low-loss functioning of the PV system.

The test includes continuity testing of earth connections, measurement of the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current as well as insulating resistance measurement between active conductors (+/-) and earth. The BENNING PV 1-1 is provided with contact-protected PV measuring leads for direct connection to all PV modules/ strings by means of standardized PV connectors. The automatic testing procedure gives a warning in case of wrong DC polarity and automatically performs all necessary steps for a safe measurement.

The BENNING PV 1-1 allows to carry out the entire test safely, reliably, easily and quickly. The BENNING PV 1-1 is recommended for daily use by service, cleaning and maintenance teams as well as for solar panel installers and authorized experts for photovoltaics.

Key Features:

  • Clear and unambiguous display of all measurement results
  • Safe measurement connection, even if the photovoltaic system is delivering energy
  • Automatic testing procedure (open-circuit voltage 1000 V DC, short-circuit current 15 A DC, insulating resistance)
  • Automatic display of voltage polarity with audio/ visual warning for reverse polarity
  • Null balance of the measuring leads
  • Measured values memory for 200 display indications for (automatic) string-string comparison incl. warning in the event of short circuit current and open circuit voltage deviations > 5 %, download of measuring results occurs by means of USB interface
  • The BENNING PV 1-1 is equipped with an integrated real-time clock which automatically adds a date / time stamp to each storage process or storage location
  • Radio connection to the optional insolation and temperature measuring instrument BENNING SUN 2
  • Download software for the preparation of test certificates in MS Excel
  • ISO measuring result with “pass / fail” information
  • Direct connection to all photovoltaic modules with MC4 or „Sunclix“ connectors
  • Easy operation for network-independently and mobile testing
  • LCD display with background lighting
  • Automatic switch off after 60 seconds
  • Testing can be based on photovoltaic modules or the complete photovoltaic system

Measuring Functions:

  • Protective earth conductor resistance measurement with test current of 200 mA
  • Open-circuit voltage measurement of the solar modules or PV strings up to 1,000 VDC
  • Short-circuit current measurement via an internal circuit up to 15 ADC without any danger for the user
  • Insulation resistance measurement between the active DC conductors (+ / -) and earth with adjustable testing voltage of 250 V, 500 V, 1,000 VDC)
  • Functional test via current measurement up to 40 A AC / DC (by means of current clamp adapter BENNING CC 3, item no. 044038)
  • The BENNING PV 1-1 is able to receive the measured values (insolation, PV module / ambient temperature and date / time stamp) of the insolation and temperature measuring instrument BENNING SUN 2 (optional, item no. 050420) via radio connection.
  • Distinct symbols - easy operation.

Four steps towards easy and safe PV testing:

  • Disconnect the PV module from the inverter
  • Connect the PV module to the BENNING PV 1-1 by means of standardized connectors
  • Press the „AUTO“ key and follow the measurements on the LC display
  • Press the „STORE“ key to store the entire display indication
  • Proof of performance and efficiency
  • The current of each individual PV string can be measured by means of the BENNING CC 3 current clamp adapter and can be compared with the values to be expected.

Measuring the string current before and after the cleaning of solar panels by a specialized company can involve considerable improvements and thus a demonstrably higher efficiency of the PV system.

Alternatively, this measurement also can be made by means of a current clamp with direct current (DC) measurement. We recommend the digital current clamps BENNING CM 2 (current measurement up to 300 AAC/DC) or BENNING CM 5-1 (current measurement up to 600 AAC/DC).


  • 4 - 6 Weeks from Date of Confirmed Order

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