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Tenmars TM206 Solar Irradiance Meter

This Tenmars TM206 Solar Energy meter brings ''point and read'' simplicity to the measurement of solar irradiance, Essential for determining the optimal position for setting up solar PV panels. It is small and lightweight, ideal for use in the field. Turn the meter to ''on'', point the sensor at the sun and read the measurements.The TM206 Irradiance Meter comes supplied in a carry case.

Please see our range of Solar PV product, including the TMPV Solar Tool Kits in our Solar PV Test Equipment section.

Solar Power Meter TM-206 Key Features:

  • 3½ digits LCD display with maximum reading of 2000
  • End -mount sensor
  • Select either power or transmission.
  • Select either W/m2 or BTU/ (FT2*h)

Typical test and measuring applications for the Tenmars TM-206 BTU Solar Power Test Meter are:

  • Solar radiation measurement.
  • Solar transmission measurement
  • Solar power research
  • Meteorology Applications
  • Agriculture Applications
  • Physics and optical laboratories
  • Identify high performance windows
  • Simple to use measuring instrument.
  • Help you set up Solar PV Panels at optimum angles of incidence
  • Car Windows Light Intensity Measurement
  • Measurement of the suns transmission through transparent glass and film glass
  • Transmission measurement for measuring the effectiveness of the solar film

Solar Power Meter TM-206

  • 3 - 4 Weeks From Date Of order Confirmation

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