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300 Watt 24V Solar to 230V AC & USB PURE SINE WAVE Power Without Batteries Inverter Controller

Batteryless 300 watt DC to AC controller. Assembly may vary slightly from picture. Works directly from Missouri Wind solar panels for remote use with 110/120 volt AC appliances and devices.

Perfect for work, camping, RV, farm, home, shop, greenhouse, and shed use.

Recommended Applications: cordless drill battery chargers, pond or lake pumps and aerators, exhaust fans, automatic feeders, LED or CFL lighting, cell phone charging, battery charging (you can even use it to charge a battery during the day to be used during night time. DC and AC power at night too!), laptops, small televisions or monitors, portable radios, fans, boondocking, shavers/trimmers.

Suntaqe Inverter Controller Features:

  • Includes solar PV cable with MC4 connectors for quick solar panel connections
  • Standard MC4 solar input connectors
  • Easy and short plug-n-play instructions included
  • Dimensions: 10x7x7 inches
  • Weight (with inverter): 5.0 pounds

Inverter Controller 300 Watt 24V Solar to 230V AC

  • 4 - 6 Weeks from Date of Order Confirmation

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