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A fuse and fuse holder are relatively small and inexpensive, but they play a big part in electrical circuits. The most important function of a fuse is to interrupt the flow of power should too much current come through the circuit. This can prevent damage to equipment as well as fire and other hazards. An inline fuse holder provides a convenient way to mount your fuse where you want it.

If you need a 150-amp fuse holder, look no further than AIMS Power. Our 150-amp inline fuse holder includes an ANL 150-amp inline fuse as well as the holder.
Use this product with #4 AWG cable and/or inverters rated at 1500 watts or less or 2500 to 2600 watts 24 VDC. You may also want to consider purchasing a shorter six- or 12-inch cable to connect the fuse and holder to the positive terminal of the battery. See our #4 AWG cable section for options. Holder post size: 9/32"
This product is compatible with 12, 24 or 48 DC volt systems. It can be connected in parallel.
Specifications: Accepts high-current fuses. Ring terminal connections. Satin silver finish.

Inline fuse kit 150 AMP Fuse and Holder

  • 4 - 6 Weeks From Order Confirmation Date

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