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  • Rugged, Long-lasting, Daily Use Battery
  • Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology (LifeP04)
  • 98% Round Trip Efficiency
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Remote Monitoring including wifi, modbus, and canbus
  • BMS Monitors & Balances Individual Cells
  • NRTL certified to UL9540 and UL9540a standards
NameeFlex 5.4
Total Energy(kWh)5.4
Max. Charge Current (Continuous) [A]100
Max. Discharge Current (Continuous) [A]60
Max. Pulse Current (for 5 sec) [A]130
Capacity [Ah]105
Voltage Range [V]48-55
Charging Temperature [F]32 to 113
Discharging Temperature [F]32 to 140
Storage Temperature [F]32 to 95
Dimension [L x W x H, inch]21.5 x 17.5 x 7.2
Weight [lbs]116
Life Cycles6000 @ 80% DoD
Round Trip Efficiency>98%

eFlex 5.4kWh LFP Battery For Solar

  • 4 - 6 Weeks From Date Of order Confirmation

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